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Join Dr. Wayne Dyer in this All New Workshop based on the principles in his next book Excuses Begone! Plus get more in-depth knowledge of his New York Times best-selling book and PBS special Change Your Thoughts–Change Your Life.
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Learn how to align yourself with the universe and start living a balanced and peaceful life today with the help of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. You’ve seen him on PBS, now see him live and experience the wisdom to truly make a change in your life.
Wayne will share his interpretation of the Tao Te Ching and show you how to apply it to everyday life, plus he will provide more insight and wisdom to help you change your lifelong thinking habits.
This has changed Wayne’s life and has given him a greater sense of peace. He hopes to offer you the same opportunity for change that it has brought to him. Register now.

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A Toast to the Success of Harry & David Wines

In 2013 we rolled out an extension of our private label Harry & David™ wine collection. The prior year’s debut of our wines met with positive acclaim from wine enthusiasts, vintners and, most importantly, our customers. The collection now consists of six charming red wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Tempranillo (a dessert wine) and blends called Ross Lane Red and Royal Crest Red, along with five elegant white wines: Chardonnay, Moscato, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Viognier. The total number of varietals will change based on customer demand. Previously only available in a few of our retail stores, we can now ship our private label wine gifts to 34 states.

We thoughtfully paired some of our favorite gifts with our new varietals. These gifts with wine proved exceptionally popular and most sold out by mid-December. Because our wine baskets include savory snacks, delicious pears and decadent chocolate truffles they make any get-together more spirited.

True to our heritage, most of the wine grapes are grown near our pear and peach orchards in the Rogue Valley. The grapes are processed in a brand new custom crush facility housed in a refurbished building located in the heart of downtown Medford. Because of its architectural significance, the building is listed on the National Historic Registry.

Looking forward to 2014, we have a Late Harvest Viognier aging in the barrel. According to our winemaker Linda Donovan, “Conditions were perfect to make a Late Harvest Viognier—a warm, dry summer and plenty of cool nights allowed fruit to mature with flavors we don’t achieve every season. The result is a sweet, lower-acid wine with distinct flavors of pear, peach, melon and tropical fruits. This pale yellow beauty will pair perfectly with a lighter-side dessert of fresh or dried fruits.”

We will also introduce a Pinot Gris that’s promising to be slightly dry with a lot of fruit nuances. Oregon vineyards are gaining increased recognition from wine connoisseurs because of the diverse terroir and agreeable climate. We’re glad to grow a wide variety of grapes so that you can enjoy an exquisite glass of your favorite wine delivered directly to your door.

Selling Your Old Gold Jewelry

You’ve probably seen more than a few TV ads hawking the idea of selling your old gold jewelry to take advantage of the high price of gold. I’ve even seen sign-swingers on busy street corners waving passerby’s into pawn shops with the promise of “top dollar” for gold jewelry. Seems like a good idea. Unfortunately, you do need to be wary. You’ll probably get short-changed by the most popular “cash for gold” companies. With the price of gold hovering close to $1,000 and ounce, what exactly does "top dollar" mean? Who makes the determination?
I’ve found that people simply don’t know if they’re being low-balled on the overall value of their jewelry. If you are financially-strapped and truly need to convert your jewelry to its cash value, your best bet is to take the items to your local jeweler. A full-service jewelry store like Gold & Gems typically is a member of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) - the industry's guardian of ethics and integrity. Here are JVC's tips for selling gold jewelry.
• Choose a reputable jeweler, someone that’s known to you or has been recommended by a trusted source. Preferably, select a jeweler that’s a member of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee. • Set off on your expedition with reasonable expectations. When you bought the jewelry you paid for more than the value of the gold. The price included labor, packaging and the retail mark-up of the item. The jeweler will only pay you for the actual gold in an object. Since gold is always blended with other metals to make jewelry, expect that a substantial percentage of the object is made of something other than gold. • Don’t expect to be paid for the non-gold component of the jewelry. The jeweler may conduct a test to determine how much gold is in the jewelry – known in the trade as its “karat fineness.” This is called a “scratch” or “acid” test. Expect the jeweler to actually scratch the gold to conduct the test. • The price offered to you by the jeweler may not be the market price of gold that day. Prices are not regulated, so the parties are free to negotiate a price that’s acceptable to both sides. • Bring a form of government issued identification. Some jewelers are also required by anti-money laundering laws to obtain seller identification.
Please know that with rare exceptions, it’s unlikely that weight value will come anywhere close to the original cost of the item. If you’re not completely cash-strapped, but simply tempted by the relentless media push to empty your jewelry box, then I suggest you ask yourself if you truly want to sell something as scrap that at one time held some sentiment for you. Once it’s gone, you can’t take it back! I’d be delighted to talk to your about redesigning or refurbishing your outdated treasures. Check out my Customized Jewelry blog to see samples of pieces I’ve designed for other clients. As certified jewelers, the Gold & Gems staff is highly skilled at appraisal, design consultation, model making, carving, metallurgy, filing, burnishing, polishing, gem-setting, and much more. With a fine jeweler’s touch, almost any unwanted jewelry becomes valuable again and saves you the hassle of selling your old gold jewelry.

Protecting our Pear Trees from Frost Damage

Growing the perfect pear is a year-round process of pampering our very special pear trees. The most perilous time for our orchards is also the most promising.

March is an extremely fragile time for buds on fruit trees. They are vulnerable to freezing temperatures and frost. In the valley, the last day a frost can occur is typically May 17. That means the time from mid-March, when the buds begin to swell until mid-May, when the danger of frost has passed, the orchard workers are vigilant and prepared to defend the blossoming trees if temperatures drop to critical lows.

In the Rogue Valley it is not uncommon during the frost season for the temperatures to change 40 degrees in a single 24-hour period. The “frost team” relies upon 19 weather stations strategically positioned across the valley orchards. Each alarm is set with a two-degree cushion above critical. If nighttime temperatures drop to that point, the alarm alerts key team members. Their workday begins in the middle of the night! The frost team utilizes three different methods of protecting the fruit trees, depending upon the severity of the frost and the location of the orchard.

Huge fans, or wind machines, work with nature to circulate heat radiating from sun-warmed soil. If a strong inversion layer exists, the fans can raise the temperature in the orchards by as much as four degrees and hold it there for a couple of hours.
Orchards that are near a river or large pond are protected by water sprayed from overhead sprinklers. As the water coats the buds, it freezes, giving off latent heat and protecting the buds themselves from sub-freezing temperatures.

When fans run out of warm air from the surrounding environment, heaters placed strategically throughout the orchards are lit to add heat back to the system. These heaters need to be lit one by one using torches and ATVs. Torch-bearing teams of three can quickly light hundreds of heaters and rapidly raise the temperature of the entire orchard above critical.

These three methods of protecting our pear trees from frost damage are all very effective. Frost alarms usually occur in the early pre-dawn hours of the day. That means our orchard workers are out toiling in the cold while most of us are still warm and snug in bed. They buy the critical time needed until the precious sunrise arrives to melt the ice and raise temperatures. Let’s all give a hearty thank you to this dedicated team that’s entrusted with the stewardship of our world famous pears.

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Sympathy Gifts | Funeral Flowers and Gourmet Gift Baskets | Harry & David
Show you care with sympathy gift baskets carefully packed by hand and filled with premium specialty foods.
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When you want to offer condolences with a heartfelt gesture, our sympathy gifts are an appropriate choice. The premium fruit, fresh baked goods and gourmet food in our sympathy gift baskets can help provide comfort. We carefully handpack our gifts with the utmost care and pay attention to every detail. So you can rest assured your offering will arrive in perfect condition. Flowers are a natural accompaniment to a sympathy gift. Bouquets of white lilies are traditionally sent as sympathy flowers. Our bouquet includes 18 stems of double bloom lilies, Bells of Ireland and sprigs of eucalyptus in a glass vase. This bouquet is also suitable if you need to make arrangements for funeral flowers. Reassure your loved ones that they are in your thoughts and prayers with our thoughtfully prepared sympathy gift baskets.
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Multi-Function Magician

High-performance laser output combined with PC fax, fax, copier and scanner functionality. True 600x600-dpi laser output at six pages per minute, generates serious, professional business correspondence. Prints on letter to legal size, 3”x5” cards, envelopes and heavy paper stocks. 400-dpi copier can also enlarge and reduce images. Twain Compliant scanner with easy to use “drag and drop” filing interface. PC fax allows you to receive faxes into your PC before printing. Standard fax has loads of bells and whistles.

Picture Yourself Creative

You can’t go wrong with a Winner of the PC Magazine Editor’s Choice award. An affordable color ink jet with laser sharp black text will give a tremendous boost to your creative spirit. Print photos, greeting cards, add color to important homework projects, make bright, bold banners and even custom iron-on transfers. Includes lots of handy software for hours of family fun. All this, and it’s backed by a one year Overnight Exchange warranty.


Like the ebb and flow of the tides, your love comes naturally. The ArtCarved Wistful Mens Wedding Band 4.5mm #11-WV4377_G matches this mood. 14K glossy edges of white gold surround an antique style flowing leaf design of 14K yellow gold. The center carved design is truly stunning. The comfort fit band is 4.5 mm wide.

Searching for something that is tactilely satisfying? The ArtCarved Whispers Of Love Mens Wedding Band 7.0mm #11-WV5568_G is a textured two-tone worth a second touch. Highly polished 14K yellow gold edges have fine milgrain details. The 14K white gold center is carved into flowing waves that are alternately smooth and sandblasted. 7.0 mm wide comfort fit band.

As you reach for her hand and take your first steps together as husband and wife, this ring will get noticed by everyone. The ArtCarved Wavecrest Ladies Wedding Band 5.0mm Comfort Fit #11-WV7190U5_L shows an winning two-tone blend. A 14K white gold center with a hammered finish is nicely contrasted by 14K yellow gold polished edges and two stripes of milgrain detailing. The comfort fit band is 5.0 mm wide.

A sea of love for you to explore and enjoy for years to come. The ArtCarved Swept Away Mens Wedding Band 6.7mm #11-WV6773_G if an ideal reminder of the adventure that marriage is. Crashing waves of 14K white gold are capped by smoothly polished 14K yellow gold edges. The comfort fit band is a hefty 6.7 mm wide.

The primitive rhythm of love pulses through her. The ArtCarved Success Ladies Wedding Band 6.0mm Comfort Fit #11-WV4008_L is a fine tribute to her organic qualities. The center is a very natural-looking molten flow design of swirling 14K yellow gold. The 14K white gold edges have a glossy finish. The comfort fit band is 6.0 mm wide.

Looking for something with a bit more flourish than a basic band? Take a look at the ArtCarved Satin Ladies Wedding Band 6.0mm #11-WV5084_L. Carved diamond pattern with milgrain detail at the very edges of the 14K yellow gold band give this ring an extra dimension. Center stripe of 14K smooth white gold lends a strong contrast. The comfort fit band is 6.0 mm wide.

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