by Gary Renard

Gary Renard is Not a FraudNote: This is an update to the Article I wrote titled, "My Response to the Latest Absurd Accusations." It's not for the squeamish. If you are not interested in this subject then there's no need for you to read it. Thank you, Gary

For those of you who don't know, I was recently accused of certain things by an unknown author named Bruce MacDonald, namely that I "stole" Pursah's Gospel of Thomas, which is part of chapter 7 of my second book, Your Immortal Reality. Ordinarily I would not have bothered to answer him. As far as I'm concerned, he's just another nut from Internet land (you'll see why I say that as we go along.) The only reason I had to answer was because his accusations were published and enthusiastically publicized by Robert Perry, a Course author with a history of attacking other Course teachers. Since my initial response article, more information has become available to me which I think casts even more light on this situation.

In a recent article by Bruce MacDonald, he says, "in almost every article on my (MacDonald's) website, my Guides teach that ACIM is not a reliable spiritual guide," and his "Guides teach against ACIM". Bruce MacDonald is against A Course in Miracles. On the other hand, while gutless cowards like MacDonald and Perry and company have been hiding behind their computers slinging false accusations at me, I've been out there almost every week for the last seven years, whether in America or around the world, actively promoting the Course. For Robert Perry to be seriously publicizing Bruce MacDonald and his attacks on me is beyond comprehension. What's going on here? MacDonald also claims that his Guides are Yeshua (Jesus) Elijah and Moses. Perry doesn't seem to have any problem with supporting a man who presents Jesus as teaching against A Course in Miracles, yet he attacks my Guides, who love and teach the Course, as frauds and plagiarists. What is this man thinking? He's hurting A Course in Miracles, and has been for 15 years with his attacks on other Course teachers.

Add to this the following paragraph, (and a one paragraph comment by me) which have already appeared in my E-Newsletter, from Rogier F. van Vlissingen's blog, which quotes "MikyE", and which has been verified, and I think you'll get the picture:

"Pursah recommends us to compare her version with the current version to know which part is omitted and changed, and Meyer and Patterson's is a most famous translation. That simple fact told me Bruce MacDonald must have got it twisted. I surveyed MacDonald's other articles to know what made him misunderstand the simple fact, and I found his claim that he is a true reincarnation of St. Thomas and Gary Renard was once Simon Magus. I don't care what he believes in himself, it's free, but too absurd for me is that he seriously insists Simon Magus (Gary, he means) made up A Course in Miracles... Fortunately, that joke made it easy for me to forgive."

Excuse me? Bruce MacDonald has written (conveniently in a different article than the one in question) that he is the real St. Thomas, and I was really Simon Magus, and that I made up A Course in Miracles? Isn't it interesting that neither Perry nor MacDonald bothered to mention that along with their spurious accusations? I don't blame them. Can you say off the wall? Over the top? Out to lunch? It's very clear that Jesus dictated A Course in Miracles to Helen Schucman. For Robert Perry to be endorsing the writings of a man who says otherwise destroys his credibility with the Course community, and for Bruce MacDonald to be saying these things should do the same to any credibility that may have been given to him by any serious student of the Course.

Continuation of this article: This also demonstrates that there is no bottom of a barrel Robert Perry won't scrape, and no level that he will not stoop to in his five year effort to destroy my ministry.

After both Perry and MacDonald launched their simultaneous attacks, (Perry would never have the nerve to do anything on his own; he always has to talk one or two other obscure authors into ganging up on me with him) I wrote a response article to their absurd accusations. (That article is available here:)

Robert Perry has to be told in no uncertain terms that it's not all right for him to attack other Course teachers. He's out of control and needs to be held accountable by the people he thinks he should be "leading". He's attempting to take on a function that is not his. Nobody died and left Robert Perry in charge of the A Course in Miracles Community. In fact, there's not even anything in the Course about a "Course Community." This is a SELF-study Course that's done between you and the Holy Spirit, or Jesus, whichever you prefer. That is the focus of my work, to help get people in touch with their own Internal Teacher, just as the Course itself identifies in its Preface as one of the main goals of the Course. No Course teacher has the right to try to tell another Course teacher what they should be teaching or not teaching, or doing or not doing. My work and my books are none of Robert Perry's or Bruce MacDonald's business. As for Perry, only an egomaniac would think it is his function to lead an "A Course in Miracles Community".

Perry and company call themselves, "The Circle of Atonement". They even have a nice picture of Jesus at their website and talk about offering your brother the "gift of lilies", which in the Course is a symbol for forgiveness. How have they extended this gift of lilies to me? As just one of many examples, in an article, an author who is one of "The Circle", Greg Mackie, actually said that I could be a murderer! What a high level to be coming from. Isn't it interesting that Rush Limbaugh said the same thing about Bill and Hillary Clinton in 1994? No reason. No evidence. Just hatred and demagoguery. Robert and his cronies have declared war on me. I NEVER start these things. It's always them. And until they cease their hostilities I've been Guided to do anything I have to do to prevent these pathological people from stopping one of the few teachers who is actually out there sharing the Course. And I have a right to share the Course. Jesus tells me in the Course that, "I am among the ministers of God." (Workbook Lesson number 154.) Who gave Robert Perry and company the right to question that, and to instead side with a man who is against A Course in Miracles?

For 15 years Robert Perry thought he could elevate himself in the Course Community by tearing down other teachers, and this is not limited to Ken Wapnick and me. Never mind that Perry's books are boring and his speaking style is excruciating. He figured he'd move up the ladder by knocking others off. The sooner he figures out that it just doesn't work that way, the better off he'll be.

One final note about my most recent would-be assassin, Bruce MacDonald. He has accused me of "past life identity theft." As we've seen, he says that he is the real St. Thomas. He writes: "... I sent a MS copy of my book to Walter Semkiw (of the "Founding Mystics" group) and he had a reading with Kevin Ryerson's Guide, "Ahtun Re", who said, "You are a reincarnation of the scribe who wrote down the Gospel of Thomas." That's very interesting, Bruce, because if you go to Walter Semkiw's website, he says there, what he wrote to me and friends 4 years ago: "Ahtun Re, the spirit guide channeled through Kevin Ryerson, who I have been working with, confirmed that Gary is the reincarnation of Thomas." I'm sorry, Bruce, but I don't think your past life identity theft idea is going to go too far. Once again, the real question is, why is Robert Perry supporting you and trying to make your false accusations appear to be legitimate? I hope my articles have answered that question.

Mr. Perry asks at his website, "What kind of a Course community do you want?" Well, how about one where Course teachers are free of attacks from him? That would be a great start.

In the final analysis, this whole thing is just another drive-by shooting by Robert Perry, with an assist from MacDonald. Consider the sources, and then make up your own mind. I had a responsibility to go on the record and present the facts. I did that in my two articles. This will be the last I have to say on this subject. Then of course Perry will probably write yet another article based on his warped perception of me. If he does then I'll ask for Guidance as to whether to respond or not, as I always do. It's probably best to take one drive-by shooting at a time.

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